Young woman arrested in Russia for allegedly spying for Romania

Karina Turcan, a young woman of Moldovan, Romanian and Russian citizenship, was apparently arrested in Russia for allegedly spying for Romania, according to reports in the Russian media. Romania’s Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it officially asked the Russian Embassy in Bucharest for details and clarifications related to this case, according to

“From the data we have at the moment, the targeted person also has Romanian citizenship. The Foreign Affairs Ministry warns on the speculative character of the information vehicle by the Russian media and advices on a cautious coverage of this subject,” reads a press release of the ministry, quoted by local Mediafax.


Foreign affairs minister Teodor Melescanu said that, if the woman’s arrest is officially confirmed, the ministry will offer her consular assistance to make sure that her rights are respected according to the Russian legislation, says


Karina Turcan, who was born in the Republic of Moldova, was arrested on charges of espionage for Romania, according to the Russian media. If found guilty, she risks to spend up to 20 years in prison.


Turcan, 44, has been a member of the management board of Russian group Inter RAO, since 2012. She is now head of the group’s trading division, according to information on the group’s website. She also managed for a while the group’s divisions in Moldova and Ukraine in the past.


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