Transylvania Today: Bucharest has one third of Romania’s university graduates

Most graduates of higher education institutions in Romania live in Bucharest (33 percent), Cluj-Napoca (11 percent), Iasi (10 percent), Timisoara (7 percent) and Craiova (6 percent), according to data from the National Institute of Statistics. These five university centers with the most graduates also account for the highest amount of office spaces and office transactions, according to ESOP, cited by

In total, 126,271 students obtained their Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in 36 university cities nationwide in 2017. Of these, 66 percent graduated in one of the five main university centers. This year, 377,000 Romanian students began the academic year, according to


In 2017, Bucharest had 42,882 graduates, followed by Cluj-Napoca (14,151), Iasi (12,878), Timisoara (8.547), Craiova (5,775), Constanta (5.145), and Brasov (4,588), according to the INS, according to
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