The Diplomat: Day of the discounters

Discount stores are spreading fast throughout Romania, while local supermarkets are struggling to compete. International discount stores are winning out from the current economic crisis in Romania, while local supermarkets are facing extinction, unless they can innovate fast. Romanians are less willing to buy expensive brands or high-priced products, opting instead for retailers’ own labels, which discounters pile up high and sell off cheap. Due to the purchasing power of international retailers, who can buy in bulk from suppliers on an international level, this is pricing out the local retail competition.In the month of August alone, discounter Profi, owned by the Belgian Louis Delhaize Group, opened four stores in Moinesti (Bacau county), Huedin (Cluj county), Dragasani (Valcea county) and Gilau (Cluj county) and is planning to reach 60 stores by the end of the year, from 45 at present.

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