Financiarul: France’s ambassador: Romania starts being aware of agriculture importance

Romania must restructure its agriculture very well in order it could export its farm produce, during the years ahead, France’s Ambassador in Bucharest Henri Paul told Agerpres, on Tuesday.
There are farm products, which Romania can export, depending on the season and the achievements of the local agriculture. In Romania, people start becoming aware of the importance of the agriculture, and this is a relatively new thing. Due to the communist mentality on the priority role the industry plays, the agriculture was not seen as the economy’s main branch.There is the consciousness, but the means must be put in motion. Tangibly, the EU funds must be made use of, because half of the EU funds for Romania are aimed at the agriculture and the rural development, the French Ambassador stressed. In his opinion, a region like Transylvania (central-western Romania) has very many geographical and economic advantages.

‘Transylvania is more open to the world, less closed in history. I trust its possibilities of economic development. The Traditional Farm Produce Fair that France’s Embassy to Romania organised in Cluj Napoca for three days (on Oct. 9-11 – editor’s note) was very successful and this is a sign of the will to get prosperous,’ Henri Paul pointed out. According to the French Ambassador, “the Romanians’ energy will be essential for coming out of the crisis that currently affects the country.’

‘The Romanians are not always well coordinated, but they are very dynamic, ever,’ the French diplomat said. Referring to the nomination by Romania’s Government of the ex-Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos for the position of the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Ambassador Henri Paul says he feels confident about Ciolos’ chance to take over this important responsibility.

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