Viitorul ‘keeper Cosmin Vatca loses control, gets sent off & concedes a penalty against CFR Cluj

The man between the sticks has an unenviable job – receiving little praise for keeping the opposing strikers at bay and always susceptible to criticism with just one costly error.
Spare a thought for Viitorul Constanta’s Cosmin Vatca, then.

Admittedly, the Romaninan ‘keeper didn’t help himself – his horrible attempt at a step-over with the CFR Cluj striker closing him down was abysmal, and to be caught in possession just six yards out, well it’s only going to end badly. And yet Vatca almost redeemed himself.

As the striker nipped in, stole the ball and made a mockery of the ‘keepers attempt to outwit his opponent, he tried to make amends by diving at the striker’s feet in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to reclaim the ball.

Unfortunately for the Viitorul Constanta fans, he only made matters worse by hauling down the striker in the area, conceding a penalty and being shown an inevitable red card.

However, Cluj missed the resulting spot-kick, though they did go on to win the game 2-1 as they made the most of their one-man advantage.

Watch the video to see the calamitous ‘keeper in action, courtesy of 101greatgoals.

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