Tomato greenhouse operation to use geothermal heat

Two million euros to be invested in new Romanian greenhouses heated by geothermal water.
Two million euros have been invested by Transgex Co. to construct a bio-heated greenhouse range in Livada, Romania, for the production of tomatoes. Geothermal water from a deep drilled well is used to heat the greenhouses. Plants are grown hydroponically in Grodan mineral wool. An automatic fertigation system provides the necessary nutrients and biological controls are used for pest control. The greenhouses, which cover nearly 5 acres, are expected to produce a minimum of 800 tons of tomatoes.
Transgex also plans to invest 50,000 euros to operate a refrigeration storage unit with a 30-ton capacity. The first 100 tons of this year crop are already sold to markets in the Romanian counties of Bihor, Cluj, Sibiu and in neighboring Hungary. Transgex expects to add additional greenhouse space to sell products in European Community markets.

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