Office rental prices drop by 41.5%in Romania over past year

The prices for a square metre of office space rent have dropped by between 20.1 and 41.5 percent in the last 12 months all over Romania, shows an analysis conducted by real estate portal, Agerpres reportedThe price per sqm in Bucharest has gone down by 26.7 percent to 10.33 euros. In the central Brasov city, the price has dropped by 31 percent to 6.40 euros a sqm, while in Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania) it has fallen by 30.7 percent to 7.12 euros a sqm.

The prices for a square metre of rented office spaces in the Black Sea port of Constanta has dropped by 41.5 percent to 6.78 euros, while in Iasi, in the east, it was 41.5 percent to 7.05 euros.

The office rental prices in the western Timisoara have slid by 20.1 percent to 6.90 euros a sqm. The analysis is based on 3,036 valid announcements targeting the rental of A, B or C-type office spaces in Bucharest and the main cities across the country.

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