Meanwhile in Romania: Four Kids in the Trunk of a Car [Video]

While even showing this clip to you guys makes us feel really bad, and we condone what the parents of these kids are doing. That is, if they really are being driven along by their parents and not carried across the border to be sold off… just kidding.
This incident clearly took place in Romania, as the Fiat Regata pictured here is on Romanian license plates belonging to the county of Cluj. The parents probably had the car stuffed with other people, cabbages or… pigs, because there was no other place to put four children.

It a miracle they even fit in the car, but what about the fact that the trunk could smash them if their little hands gave in.

Due to the fact that they are making a dangerous turn across the opposite lane and that they are going really slowly, the Fiat Regata is almost rear-ended at the end of the video by a truck.

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