Indiegogo Invited Tintag to Their Forever Funding Program

Tintag, the first wireless rechargeable item tracking device, was invited by Indiegogo to continue its funding campaign on the platform by being a part of the “Forever Funding” program. Tintag ran a successful two-month Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which has surpassed its initial goal in less than a month, anounced
The company will continue to raise funds through this new Indiegogo program, of which they are proud to be a part of. The public’s response to Tintag is exciting, as the numbers show. At the end of the campaign, the initial goal has been surpassed by 40%.

During the Indiegogo campaign, Tintag has been extensively tested by members of the tech media. Steven Sande, TUAW, concluded: “From what I see from the prototype, Tintag is the item tracker you’ve been waiting for.” Nate Swanner, SlashGear, said that “Tintag is easily the most impressive I’ve seen yet. Rechargeable, sleek, and more powerful than the rest, Tintag is an easy recommendation. In fact, I’d urge you to grab one, or maybe even a six-pack.”

Unlike other solutions that require users to replace batteries or buy new devices (Tile or TrackR bravo), the Tintag Home Base Companion wirelessly recharges Tintag devices for four months of usage after six hours of charging.

Small, wireless and waterproof, Tintag devices can be attached to any object large or small. The Tintag mobile app allows users to track and find the location of any object that has a Tintag device attached. Tintag users find lost items with the sound of a beep, the flash of an LED light, or by an action button that allows users to “ring” their phone or other paired mobile device. Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Tintag was founded by entrepreneurs Alexandru Chis and Andrei Vig.

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