Hoia-Baciu Forest: Beyond the Legend Explores One of Transylvania’s Greatest Mysterie

In addition to stuffing my cranium with horror films, no-budget trash, old movies, and obscure kung fu flicks, I have an almost insatiable thirst for documentaries. It doesn’t matter what subject the film covers — food, cinema, and history are a few of my favorites — I’ll gladly consume anything that expands my horizons. That said, I’m always on the lookout for documentaries that explore the strange and unusual, especially when the topic hasn’t been widely covered, according to dreadcentral.com.

Filmmaker Paul Dadrian, with a little help from his Indiegogo campaign, wants to explore a mystery set within the heart of Transylvania. Once he has enough money to cover expenses, Dadrian will piece together a very intriguing documentary entitled Hoia-Baciu Forest: Beyond the Legend. Judging from the synopsis on the film’s campaign page, Dadrian has an interesting story to tell.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, one of the most mysterious places in the world, lays a few kilometers away from the city of Cluj-Napoca, also known as the “heart of Transylvania.” Locals nearby are familiar with the strange powers detained by the forest. The phenomena manifested there, beyond their power of understanding, prompted them not to ask reckless questions. Because of fear, the forest remained, for a long period of time, shrouded in the unknown. Until the ‘60s, when biologist Alexandru Sift began an intense study of the phenomena manifested there in an attempt to solve the mystery. In 1968, newspapers around the world published wonderful photos of a UFO that had just flown over the area. The photos were studied in research institutes from Europe and the US, all cataloging the picture as authentic. Since then, Hoia-Baciu Forest has become a living legend.

Interested to learn more about the story behind Hoia-Baciu Forest: Beyond the Legend? Have a look at the informative pitch video below. And if you’d love to see this documentary come to fruition, consider dropping some spare cash in the film’s digital collection plate.

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