EXCLUSSIVE. Someșul Mic could become navigable in Cluj-Napoca

Someșul Mic River in Cluj-Napoca could be navigated in future by row boats and motor boats.Local authorities want to access European funds in order to lay out the river’s course in such a manner as to allow the use of tourist boats as well as boats for public transport given that Someșul Mic flows through the city from one end to the other.
The mayor Sorin Apostu confirmed the existence of such plans. For the time being these plans are being delayed by the need to move the high tension power lines that cross the river. For now, the river segment that can be fitted out for navigation begins at one end of the city and goes all the way to the Central Park area. This development plan concerning Someșul Mic is not the only one. Authorities in Satu-Mare and Hungary also intend to arrange the river’s course to be fit for navigation on the segment Dej – Satu Mare – Tokaji.

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