Unprecedented international cyber-attack stops production at Romania’s biggest car plant


“Part of the production activities at the Dacia plant in Mioveni were affected by malfunctions in the IT systems and several employees were sent back home on Saturday morning, May 13. The measure was taken to prevent the expansion of the malfunctions, which, at first glance, seem to be a consequence of the global cyber-attack,” Renault Group Romania announced on Saturday.


The company has also set a crisis cell to monitor how this situation unfolds, according to TransylvaniaToday.ro.


The global cyber-attack, which has been called “unprecedented” by Europol, has also affected hospitals in Britain and Spanish telecom operator Telefonica, as well as courier service FedEx in the US, according to Financial Times.


WannaCry is a ransomware attack which exploits a vulnerability of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Once installed on the infected computer, the virus encrypts the users’ files and demands payment in bitcoin to allow the victims to access their data.

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