The Diplomat: Cash crisis new obstacle to roadworks

Tenders are launched, deals are made, roads are under construction, but the financial crisis has brought a new obstacle to infrastructure development – lack of money.With major economies announcing stimulus packages for public works, the dilemmas in the USA and Germany are over whether such projects are useful.
No such debate takes place in Romania – where the lack of a modern road infrastructure is the major handicap for economic development.
In 2008 the Romanian authorities drafted a plan to develop 1,950 km of motorways, from the existing 300 km, by the end of 2013. “This appears to be very ambitious given the short timeframe,” says Cedric Dubois, business development manager at French engineering company Egis Projects.
The master plan states that the Government will invest 11.8 billion Euro in motorways, including 1.4 billion Euro from the EU. At the beginning of 2009 when the new Government started its mandate, Prime Minister Emil Boc promised that his infrastructure priority was roads – but he presented no amount to be spent.

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