Softvision will employ 100 more people until end of year

The Cluj supplier of outsourcing software services, Softvision wants to recruit 100 more people until the end of the year to reach 800 employees, according to George Stan, deputy manager of the company. The positions available are for the development of platforms like iOS, .NET, Java, PHP, Web, testing and project management.“Besides that we hired p[people in other specialties – Java, Android, data base,” Stan says.
Softvision is a company founded in 1998 which in 2010 had a business figure of 5.3 million euro and a net profit of 285,000 euro.
The software supplier has 700 employees, 500 of whom in Cluj Napoca, where the company is based. Softvision has 7 offices in Cluj.
“In 2011 Sofvision registered a global business figure of 16 million euro, 20% more than in 2010, an increase we intend to preserve this year, counting on doubling the number of projects and increasing the number of clients,” the Softvision manager said.
The group is made of Softvision and Softvision LLC (USA), the Cluj company having a sales office in the American market at San Jose. The two companies reached a business figure of 16 million euro.
In Romania Softvision has branches in Baia Mare, Iasi, Timisoara. The company has over 100 employees, 75 in Baia Mare, 16 in Timisoara. The company offers outsourcing services in the field of software development, Internet/intranet, networking, business applications, and support and quality services.
Softvision clients are from abroad, the company working with players from Top 500 Fortune, from the financial-banking field, telecommunications, medical, education or media. At present the company is developing 200 projects.

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