Cultural events place Romania on tourist map of Europe

Romanian cultural events are known in Europe and worldwide and represent a destination both for tourists in love with culture and for professionals active in various cultural sectors such as the world of film and music, says to Tripsta data, Romanian cultural events attracting a large number of tourists include the Bucharest Biennial (May 23-June 24, 2014), Transylvania International Film Festival- TIFF (May 29-June 7), FITS (June 12-21) as well as “George Enescu” International Festival August 30-September 20.
For the Contemporary Art Biennial held in Bucharest between May 23-June 24, 2014, foreign tourists booked their trips 33 days in advance and stayed for two weeks in Romania. Norwegian tourists planned their trip for the Biennial 46 days in advance and spent the longest vacations in Romania, about 20 days. The Turks who booked their flights 12 days before the event spent about a week in Bucharest.
This year, in the same period, numerous tourists came to Romania from Great Britain (13%), Greece (10%), Germany (7%), Turkey and Norway (6% each), Austria (5%), Czech Republic, Spain, France and Holland (4% each), while the rest (37%) came to Bucharest from other countries.
Travels for TIFF enjoyed attentive planning from foreign tourists, who booked their flights to Cluj Napoca 41 days in advance for average sojourns of 5 days. The Greeks (14%) knew 65 days before they would participate in the event and booked their trips ten days before. On the other hand, Romanians represented 14% of the total number of tourists who went to Cluj to participate in TIFF, booking 12 days in advance to spend 3 days at the festival.
According to Tripsta the highest number of foreign tourists who came to Cluj to participate in TIFF were Swedish (58%) who booked flights 45 days in advance, Greeks and Portuguese (14% each).
Speaking about this year’s edition of George Enescu International Festival, most foreign tourists booked their flights 35 to 81 days in advance, planning to spend 12 days at the event.
The highest number of foreign travellers who come to the festival fly to Bucharest from Great Britain (20%), Germany (10%), Czech republic, Greece and Turkey (7% each), Italy (5%) and Austria, Cyprus and Portugal (4% each) and France (3%) while others – Romanians and foreigners (26%) travel to Bucharest from other places.
Tourists who planned their trip for the festival a long time in advance are from Germany- they booked their flights 81 days in advance, for average stays of 12 days in Bucharest and from the Czech Republic (flights booked 56 days before for sojourns of 3 days). The British intend to spend 12 days in Bucharest during the classical music festival, but they booked their flights 54 days in advance.

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