Turkish ambassador Sinirlioglu suggests twinning Cluj-Napoca and Eskisehir

Turkish ambassador in Bucharest Ayse Sinirlioglu on Wednesday suggested to the local administration officials of Cluj-Napoca, central Romania, that the city twins with the Turkish city of Eskisehir, the capital of the homonymous province in Central Anatolia.The ambassador explained that she thought about Cluj-Napoca because it is a big university center. At a meeting with Cluj local officials, the ambassador also mentioned the Enka Turkish company, which is working alongside US Bechtel in building the Transilvania motorway in Romania that he visited. He added that Turkey has managed to win large investment projects because of the important infrastructure works that it has carried out.

‘Maybe these motorways are seen as mere transport corridors, but they serve as a base for the development of trade routes and energy routes, and that is why building the transport networks is so important,’ the ambassador explained, saying that the business people’s interest in this area will increase once the motorway is in place.
There is also Turkish interest in investment in healthcare, more precisely in entering a partnership for the construction of hospitals around the Cluj City area and for tourism development.

Ayse Sinirlioglu has toured several towns and cities of the center-west province of Transylvania, including Brasov, Reghin and Mures. She said that on May 28 a joint Turkish-Romanians commission will convene in Bucharest to agree on the areas of interest in which the two countries could cooperate.

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