Support to Cluj Napoca’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture, in 2020

rench Cultural Center (CCF) Cluj-Napoca (420 km north-west of Bucharest) backs up the Municipality’s candidature for the European Capital of Culture, in 2020 and will facilitate the intercultural communication and exchanges with cities like Lille, that enjoyed the status in 2004, and Marseille which has been intensely preparing to become a center for the events to be organized under the logo, in 2013. The Annual General Assembly of the Cluj Napoca 2020 European Capital of Culture Association takes place at Cluj City-Hall, on Wednesday December 14, and CCF officials are expected to attend.The Cluj Napoca 2020 European Capital of Culture Association was set up in 2010 and has made important steps to outline far-reaching projects meant to support the city’s candidacy.

Each of the Association’s seven commissions namely for Education and Research; Heritage, Visual Arts Design, and digital Culture; The Arts of Performance and Music, Literature and Publishing, Architecture and Cultural Intervention in the public space: Cultural Diversity, is coordinated by famous academic, cultural and research personalities such as the President of the Romanian Academy Ionel Haiduc, the rector of the Technical University Professor Radu Munteanu, Prefect Florin Stamatian – a well known physician, the prestigious historian Ioan Piso, stage directors Mihai Manutiu and Tompa Gabor – directors of the two Cluj-based theaters, the director of the Cluj branch of the Union of Writers Irina Petras and the ex-director of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania Simona Munteanu.

The Association’s leadership decided that Romania’s ex Chief Negotiator with the European Union Professor Vasile Puscas should promote the Cluj-Napoca 2020 European Capital of Culture project, both at home and in the EU countries.

Likewise, it has been decided that the project should be presented during meetings with the officials of the EU institutions, in Brussels, in 2012.The Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) and Musical Autumn of Cluj are among the international events supporting the Cluj Napoca’s candidature for the European Capital of Culture.

The Transylvania Cultural Center will be built to host most of the events to be organized in 2020, already has a project drawn up by VAAL Architecture Company and the tender is to start these days. The Center will have generous spaces for the Philharmonics a large concert hall numbering 1,500 seats, congress halls, underground parking and an elegant hotel.

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