Kia Picanto – first official details and images

Kia Picanto – first official details and imagesAfter the Kia Motors Corporation presented the first sketches of the new Picanto generation a month ago, this Tuesday, the car manufacturer made public the official images of the automobile. The new A class model will be offered in two available bodystyles and will be propelled by four new engines.
Kia Picanto has a more mature style with more visible lines. The new Picanto has been completely resketched and designed, it is longer both in terms of length and wheelbase compared to the previous generation.
The new Picanto generation will be available in Europe in five-door and three-door form propelled by four 1.0 and 1.2-litre new engines, with low CO2 emissions. Variants capable of running on LPG will also be sold in certain national markets.
The new Kia Picanto generation will be officially unveiled at the Geneva motor show, in March 2011.

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