Financiarul: Beltway, motorway to ease Cluj-Napoca heavy traffic as of Christmas

Heavy traffic will be bypassing the Cluj-Napoca (north-west of Bucharest) streets as of Christmas, following the commissioning of the city beltway and of a segment of the Transylvania Highway, two sites Prime Minister Emil Boc and Transports Minister Radu Berceanu visited on Friday. The Premier said that the Cluj ring road will be open to traffic on Christmas, even if not completed to the last detail, whereas the Gilau-Turda section of the Transylvania Highway will be commissioned on December 1.”Starting December, Cluj-Napoca will in fact have two bypass roads and the locals will be spared the ordeal of the heavy traffic crossing the city. There is on one hand the 42 km segment of the Transylvania Motorway, on the Bucharest – Oradea direction, that also serves as a beltway for Cluj-Napoca, and on the other hand, there is the ring road between Apahida and Valcele, which diverts heavy traffic on the Baia Mare – Bucharest or Bucharest-Zalau axes,” said the Prime Minister while at the site of the beltways.

The 25 km long Cluj-Napoca beltway will cost 125 million euros.
The other objective visited on Friday is the Transylvania Highway, in the region of Gilau. The Prime Minister got a bird’s eye view of the Gilau-Turda segment from helicopter and renewed assurances that the 42 km will be open to traffic starting December 1, the same day the Bucharest Baneasa Passage will also be inaugurated.

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