Farmec Cluj Napoca enters Hungarian market and wants 5% more business in 2011

Farmec Cluj Napoca, the biggest Romanian producer of cosmetics ended 2010 with a business figure of 95.9 million lei, on the rise by 10% compared to 2009 and estimates a 5% business increase this year.
“We have concluded a difficult year with results above expectation, although our increase target was 5% in the first months.
The growth engine consisted of launches, backed by marketing investments and a more visible presence in the main distribution channels. Fopr 2011 we have in view to consolidate our position in the market and a business advance of 5% as we will have new products backing sales. We also intend to enter modern foreign retail networks. The first steps were made last year when we entered the Hungarian market,” said Mircea Turdean, the general manager of Farmec, Cluj Napoca.

According to Nielsen, Farmec is a quantity leader in the face care section, with a market share of 26.2% while it holds a share of 20.64% in points of value. Farmec Cluj Napoca owns trade marks like Gerovital H3 Evolution, Gerovital H3 Prof Ana Aslan, Gerovital Plant, Aslavital and Farmec.
Farmec products are present in over 30 countries such as Japan, Iran, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Czech Republic, Norway, Croatia, Thailand, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, South Korea, USA.

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