DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015: Groups and schedule

The third and final major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament for the year opens doors tomorrow in the Romanian city, Cluj-Napoca, according to sk-gaming.com.

DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 will feature a total of sixteen top teams as usual for a major tournament. Same as before, the top eight finishers from the previous major tournament were directly invited, while the other eight had to secure a spot via an offline qualifier in Stockholm, Sweden.

The following sixteen contenders including the groups set will be on the podium tomorrow:

Group A:
SE Fnatic (flusha, jw, KRiMZ, olofm & pronax)
BR Luminosity Gaming (boltz, coldzera, FalleN, fer & steel)
US Cloud 9 (fREAKAZOiD, n0thing, sgares, shroud & Skadoodle)
PL Vexed Gaming (Furlan, GruBy, Hyper, peet & rallen)

Group B:
DK Team SoloMid (cajunb, device, dupreeh, karrigan & Xyp9x)
EU Gamers 2 (dennis, fox, jkaem, Maikelele & rain)
DE mousesports (chrisJ, denis, gob b, nex & NiKo)
UA Flipside Tactics (B1ad3, bondik, DavCost, markeloff & WorldEdit)

Group C:
PL Virtus.pro (byali, NEO, pasha, Snax & TaZ)
SE Ninjas in Pyjamas (allu, f0rest, friberg, GeT_RiGhT & Xizt)
FR Titan eSports (Ex6TenZ, RpK, ScreaM, shox & SmithZz)
US Team Liquid (adreN, EliGE, FugLy, Hiko & nitr0)

Group D:
FR Team EnVy (apEX, Happy, kennyS, kioShiMa & NBK)
UA Natus Vincere (Edward, flamie, GuardiaN, seized & Zeus)
US Counter Logic Gaming (FNS, hazed, jdm64, reltuC & tarik)
DK Team Dignitas (aizy, Kjaerbye, MSL, Pimp & Tenzki)

This tournament will not feature the same group stage format that was used during the previous major tournament, ESL One Cologne 2015, but will rather continue with the traditional double elimination best-of-one format. However the decider matches will be extended to best-of-three series.

The playoffs will as expected be set to single elimination best-of-three format including the grand final.

The event is scheduled to run from 28th of October to 1st of November. The group stage will begin tomorrow with all teams facing an opponent. The playoffs will hit on Saturday with all the four quarter-finals taking place in the same day and of course Sunday will feature the last two brackets of the tournament.

The complete schedule for the seventh major tournament is the following:

October 28th – Wednesday
10:00 CEST – SE Fnatic vs. PL Vexed Gaming – Group A – Match 1 (Bo1)
11:25 CEST – BR Luminosity Gaming vs. US Cloud 9 – Group A – Match 2 (Bo1)
12:50 CEST – DK Team SoloMid vs. UA Flipside Tactics – Group B – Match 1 (Bo1)
14:15 CEST – EU Gamers 2 vs. DE mousesports – Group B – Match 2 (Bo1)
15:40 CEST – PL Virtus.pro vs. US Team Liquid – Group C – Match 1 (Bo1)
17:05 CEST – SE Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. FR Titan eSports – Group C – Match 2 (Bo1)
18:30 CEST – FR Team EnVy vs. DK Team Dignitas – Group D – Match 1 (Bo1)
19:55 CEST – UA Natus Vincere vs. US Counter Logic Gaming – Group D – Match 2 (Bo1)

October 29th – Thursday
10:00 CEST – Group A – Elimination match (Bo1)
11:25 CEST – Group B – Elimination match (Bo1)
12:50 CEST – Group C – Elimination match (Bo1)
14:15 CEST – Group D – Elimination match (Bo1)
15:40 CEST – Group A – Upper bracket final (Bo1)
17:05 CEST – Group B – Upper bracket final (Bo1)
18:30 CEST – Group C – Upper bracket final (Bo1)
19:55 CEST – Group D – Upper bracket final (Bo1)

October 30th – Friday
10:00 CEST – Group A – Decider match (Bo3)
13:00 CEST – Group B – Decider match (Bo3)
16:00 CEST – Group C – Decider match (Bo3)
19:00 CEST – Group D – Decider match (Bo3)

October 31st – Saturday
10:00 CEST – Quarter-final – 1/4 (Bo3)
13:00 CEST – Quarter-final – 2/4 (Bo3)
16:00 CEST – Quarter-final – 3/4 (Bo3)
19:00 CEST – Quarter-final – 4/4 (Bo3)

November 1st – Sunday
11:00 CEST – Semi-final – 1/2 (Bo3)
14:00 CEST – Semi-final – 2/2 (Bo3)
18:00 CEST – Grand final (Bo3)

Along with the enormous talent base within the broadcast crew, DreamHack’s production value is even more promising with the expected entertaining custom cameras and other extra features on the official live stream brought to you with the assistance of PGL.

Furthermore the development team of Valve Corporation will deliver all the thrilling in-game features we all have been waiting for. With this said, do not forget to check if your Twitch profile is connected with Steam in order to be eligible for souvenir packages drop.

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