Bosch Plant – largest private investment in Cluj

Cluj County Council (CJ) (center-west) signed, on Friday, the contract with Bosch for an investment of 77 million euros, the German company is to implement in Jucu, Cluj County. President of Cluj CJ Alin Tise said on Friday, in a press conference, that the Bosch investment is the largest in Cluj history made by a private company.’We signed today the contract with the company representatives, referring to the investment they are going to develop in Tetarom Industrial Park III. We deal with the largest private investment in the history of Cluj County, in value of 77 million euros, which will bring up, in the end, more than 2,000 jobs and will generate important receipts to the budget ‘, Alin Tise highlighted.

Bosch receives from Cluj County Council 21.5 hectares of land, leased on a 99-year period.

‘The contract grants the superficies right to Bosch Co. for a period of 99 years for the land surface of 21.5 ha, located within the Tetarom III Park, now in the property of Cluj County Council. The investment will be implemented in two stages and envisages, in the final phase, a construction of 80,157 square meters on the ground, including a unit of production, spaces for offices, logistics center, a technical building, parks, alleys and green spaces. For the superficies right, Bosch will pay a fee of 0.1 euro / square meter per annum, plus VAT, in lei ‘, Cluj CJ stressed in a release.

Also, Cluj County Council will assist Bosch for connection to utilities and will provide, on its own expenses, the auto and pedestrian access to the land piece. As well the county administration will be in charge with the diversion of the sewer that is crossing the plot leased to Bosch.

The contract with Bosch provides that, if the company shuts its operations at Jucu, the German company either returns the piece of land in two years time at most, in the condition it was taken over, or finds an investor to continue the investment under the contract terms, Agerpres informs.

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