11 million euros invested in Romania's biggest industrial mill

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The ATON Transilvania group of companies on Tuesday inaugurated the biggest industrial mill in Romania at Carani, Timis Country (western Romania), on an investment worth 11 million euros. 'The Carani 5 Mill is currently the most important flour producer in western Romania, with a production capacity of 500 tonnes/24 hours. The 11-million-euro investment was supported under a SAPARD project of almost four million euros,' general manager of the ATON Transilvania group of companies Paul Milata said.

According to executive manager of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce Marco Walde, the investment was made in one of the most important sectors in Romania. 'We are dealing with an investment in an important sector for Romania, in agriculture, a sector with many problems, given the fact that food production was cut and imports outweigh exports, in a country that could meet its own demand and could be a net exporter,' said Walde.

According to statistics, Romania imported flour-milling products worth 120 million euros in 2008, while exports totalled only five million euros. Likewise, according to statistics, four million people are currently employed in agriculture in Romania, although statistics indicate that only 20 percent of them will be needed on a medium term.

The flour produced by the Carani 5 Mill, which has a production capacity of 500 tonnes a day, and by the Carani 4 Mill, which has a production capacity of 120 tonnes a day, is primarily sold on the foreign market in the Middle East and the western countries.

'There are demands for flour in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in general in the conflict areas where we are holding negotiations for concluding contracts,' said Milata.

The ATON Transilvania group of companies currently has 20,000 hectares of farmland in western Romania, 15,000 of which are taken on lease and 5,000 hectares are its own, on which they grow wheat and maize. The managers of the company do not rule out the possibility to introduce rape and technical crops in the future.

ATON GmbH, a German investment company, is made up of 12 companies working in three economic fields: technology, services and raw material supply.

In Romania the German holding company took over the company Vital & Heyl in 2006, where it decided to start investing in a new six-storey unit with state-of-the-art technology. At present half of the business run by ATON Transilvania consists in agriculture and is made by five companies. ATON Transilvania has 550 employees, a third of whom work in agriculture. dle templates freefilm online
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