Ash cloud cancels tens of flights in Romania. Over 27,000 flights blocked all over Europe

Autor: Claudiu.Padurean din 18 aprilie 2010, Vizualizari: 983

The ash cloud formed Icelanding volcano has had an impact on the Romanian air traffic as well. According to data, over 50 flights to and from Romania have been cancelled. The intergovernmental organisation that handles European air travel Eurocontrol announced that over 27,000 flights are blocked throughout Europe.

According to Eurocontrol, on Friday, 17,000 were blocked in Europe, after having cancelled 6,000 on Thursday throughout the continent. Some of the most important airports in Europe have been closed, among which Heathrow in London and Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

Great Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands and Poland closed completely or partially the air space, according to national authorities in these states.dle templates freefilm online

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