TransylvaniaToday.ro: FinMin announced tax amnesty in October

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TransylvaniaToday.ro: FinMin announced tax amnesty in OctoberFinance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has announced that the tax amnesty would be renamed financial restructuring, while its mechanism will be concluded in October, according to RomaniaJournal.ro.

„Let’s call it a financial restructuring, not amnesty, which, next to insolvency, is providing benefits to the business environment”, minister Teodorovici told Antena 3 private broadcaster.


He added the restructuring will be applied both to private companies and also to the state companies, as well as to physical person.

„For the moment we are working on the mechanism to encompass all three categories- with debts, without debts and natural person. The mechanism must be enforced and discussed in the coalition in October”, the minister pointed out, according to TransylvaniaToday.ro.


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