TransylvaniaToday.ro: AROBS Transilvania takes over alarma.ro

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TransylvaniaToday.ro: AROBS Transilvania takes over alarma.roAROBS Transilvania Software, a Cluj-based IT company specializing in software development for mobile applications and GPS equipment distributors, has taken over the company that owns alarma.ro, one of the main players in the field of providing fleet monitoring solutions from Romania. SAS Grup, the Romanian company that owns alarma.ro, has a portfolio of over 2,200 domestic and international clients, according to a press release by AROBS, quoted by Business-Review.eu.

“This step is part of our growth strategy through acquisitions, a process started in 2013 with the integration of several local players. We are constantly seeking to develop both the range of products and services provided to our customers and to diversify our industries. We are still looking for other procurement opportunities in Romania and Eastern Europe to reach over 100,000 cars monitored in the next year. The AROBS Track GPS solution is particularly flexible and suited to both large and small car fleets. From our experience, companies that purchase AROBS Track GPS make cost reductions and fleet control increases, benefits that allow the investment to depreciate in the first months of use,” says Voicu Oprean, founder & CEO of AROBS, quoted by TransylvaniaToday.ro.

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