TransylvaniaToday.ro: Labeling a EUR 20 million success

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TransylvaniaToday.ro: Labeling a EUR 20 million successFresh university graduates when the Romanian Revolution came in December 1989, Arnella Nechita – Rotta and Cristi Nechita-Rotta thought of creating a business that would resist all the challenges in the economy. They called it Sunimprof Rottarprint and founded it in Apahida, near Cluj-Napoca – their hometown, says Business-Review.eu.

In 1991, Arnella and her mother created the company that supplied labels to various companies across the company. They were joined by Cristi, Arnella’s husband. Their company covered 20 square meters and had a production capacity of 12,000 linear meters of print. From three employees in 1991, the company grew constantly reaching 252 employees and covering 6,780 square meters with an output of 117.37 million linear meters of print in 2017, according to TransylvaniaToday.ro.


Now, the firm has a market share of over 33 percent in the flexographic printing market, working with clients of the likes of Albalact, Celestica and FrieslandCampina. It provides a wide array of products, ranging from printed self-adhesive labels, to ice cream paper cones, aluminum lids for dairy products and shrink sleeve labels.


The two worked for state-owned companies for a few years before the fall of the communism opened the doors for the creation of private firms.


Arnella was working at the Institute of Atomic Physics from Cluj as an engineer, while Cristi was a computer operator at the Center for Mining Computation Center. Right from the student years, they started to sell all kinds of manufactured products such as accessories, flowers and printed anniversary cards to make money.


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