Romanian tourism guide offers free holiday for foreign bikers stoned by villagers

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A tourism guide from Cluj Napoca offered to pay for a trip in Transylvania for the foreign tourists who were recently attacked with stones in a village in Salaj county. The guide, Traian Almasan, 25, offered to pay for the cost of a trip for all of the 19 tourists. They however refused because they didn’t have time and already had their return plane tickets. The tourists were amazed by Almasan’s letter but had to refuse, and couldn’t see any prospects of returning to Romania, as many of them were from Australia.
A group of tourists traveling across Europe by bike were recently attacked with stones by Rromas in Romania, in the county of Salaj. One of the bikers, a Canadian citizen, sustained an arm fracture following the attack.

A group of Rroma, mostly children, from the village of Surduc, Salaj county, attacked the group of 19 bikers on Friday afternoon (September 14 ), throwing stones and wood pieces at them, in an attempt to steal their luggage.

Local Police say the foreigners were attacked by children, the oldest of which was 12, who were home alone during the attack. A Police representative said the local policeman arrived at the scene after a call at the emergency number 112, but the bikers did not seem to be injured.

The 19 bikers were crossing Romania on their way from Sankt Petersburg to Istanbul, having left Russia on August 16.dle templates freefilm online
Sursa: http://www.romania-insider.com/romanian-tourism-guide-offers-free-holiday-for-foreign-bikers-stoned-by-villagers/65610/" target=_blank rel="nofollow">http://www.romania-insider.com/romanian-tourism-guide-offers-free-holiday-for-foreign-bikers-stoned-by-villagers/65610/

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