Tata Motors in talks over investment in Tetarom Park, Romania

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The Cluj County Council in Romania is negotiating an investment in the Tetarom 3 Park at Jucu with the Indian car maker Tata Motors’ representatives. The Finnish mobile phone producer Nokia closed down a factory on the site last year, while household appliances producer De’Longhi and the German company Bosch have also announced investments in Tetarom park.
“These discussions will continue in the next period. The company’s representatives have already visited the site at the Industrial Tetarom 3 Park. I can’t provide information on the investment value or the number of jobs,” said Alin Tise, president of the Cluj County Council, quoted by Mediafax.

Tata Motors is part of Tata Group and has annual revenues of over USD 20 million. The car maker has been manufacturing the Tata Nano, the world’s smallest and cheapest car, since 2008. The Nano costs some USD 2,000 in India and USD 5,000 in Taiwan. Early last year, Tata Motors announced plans to export the model to European countries, including Romania. Tata Motors operates on the Romanian market through Isotlar Motors, which imports and sells cars and car parts. If sold in Romania, the Nano model would be in direct competition with Dacia – Renault, which currently sells the cheapest new cars in the country.dle templates freefilm online
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